Upcoming Webinar

Esalen Healing Arts Webinar Series

Esalen Healing Arts is introducing a selection of its faculty and partners to present to the GSN Planet community. This is a conversational and thought provoking webinar series to stimulate and raise awareness amongst our ever changing wellness landscape.

Webinar #4 // Somatic Intelligence: Grounding + Centering in Times of Uncertainty

October 1, 2020 at 2:15pm ET/11:15am PT

Ever-changing times and events are amplifying the experience of anxiety, impermanence, and disconnection. To know and feel our organism’s authentic capacity to be resilient and responsive asks us to be courageously vulnerable and cultivate curiosity.

We will explore time-honored grounding and centering practices to embody our inherent belonging to ourselves, others, and the non-human world. Life conspires to illuminate our interconnectedness in the midst of the unknowable.

Special Guests: Doug Drummond,  Director of Healing Arts + Somatics, Esalen Institute and Steven Harper, Author, Consultant, and Workshop Leader at Esalen Institute





Upcoming Webinar

The Revitalization Series from Hutchinson Consulting

We have teamed up with Hutchinson Consulting to help you and your teams get back to business in the new Revitalization Series. Navigating the post-COVID wellness and hospitality world requires a fresh focus and a new lens, and we’re here to help. This four-part series will address important topics that will help you survive and thrive, including branding, programming, operations, sales, and more. It’s a new world—let us guide you to a successful destination.

Webinar #2 // REFRESH: Updating Your Brand + Marketing Focus

October 6, 2020 at 3pm ET/12pm PT

Special Guest: Carol Stratford, Partner, Hutchinson Consulting