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GSN Connect hosts engaging 4-hour events across the United States and one in Mexico City, each tailored to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by its location. These events are diverse and dynamic, deviating from a standardized model to embrace the distinctive offerings of each venue.

Every GSN Connect event is designed to foster community, connection, and relationships. The agenda for each occasion is carefully crafted to include a group introduction, showcase preview, brand pitches and meetings, group activity, and structured group discussions. Group activities span a spectrum, such as blending custom aromas, participating in cacao ceremonies, engaging in stretching sessions, or enjoying property tours.

GSN Connect prioritizes inclusivity and diversity, providing advantages such as increased brand visibility and exposure to a wide range of attendees and locations. The choice of venue varies based on the specific location, reflecting a commitment to exploring varied options that enhance the overall event experience.



The 4-hour events, spanning across the United States and one in Mexico City, are dynamic and diverse experiences tailored to each location’s unique offerings. Each event is thoughtfully curated and includes a group introduction, showcase preview, brand pitches and meetings, group activities, and structured group discussions.

GSN Connect events prioritize community, connection, and relationships, fostering an environment where attendees can network, collaborate, and build meaningful connections.

The advantages of participating in GSN Connect events are numerous. Attendees can expect increased brand visibility, exposure to a more diverse range of participants, and the opportunity to explore different locations and markets. The event venues vary based on the location, encompassing a range of options such as spas, hotels, restaurants, and dedicated event spaces. 

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17 – Atlanta, GA

24 – Miami, FL


7 – Johnson City, TX

21 – Chicago, IL


6 – New York, NY

13 – Orange County, CA


10 – Sonoma, CA

17 – Birmingham, AL



1 – Kansas City, MO

8 – Portland, OR


5 – Denver, CO

12 – Naples, FL


17 – Portland, Maine

24 – Las Vegas, NV


14 – Minneapolis, MN

21 – Hawaii



11 – Salt Lake City, UT

18 – Arkansas


9 – Santa Fe, NM

23 – Palm Beach, FL


6 – Mexico City, MX

13 – Charleston, SC


4 – Nashville, TN

11 – New Orleans, LA

Half-day format

*Please note that each event is designated as either a morning or evening session, not both.

Grassroots:   A morning event that begins at 8/9am and finishes at 12/1pm
8:00am – Arrival | Showcase Wander
8:30am – Group Introduction
9:00am – Brand Elevator Pitch | Showcase Structure
10:30am – Group Activity
11:30am – Group Discussion
12:00pm -Farewell
Food: Coffee and healthy portable food options available (Breakfast sandwich, fruit yogurt parfaits, coffee/tea)


After Hours:  An evening event that begins at 4/5pm and finishes at 8/9pm
4:00pm – Arrival | Showcase Wander
4:30pm – Group Intro | Brand Elevator Pitch
5:00pm – Small Group Discussion (Structured)
6:30pm – Showcase Structure
7:30pm – Group Activity
8:00pm – Farewell
Food: Light bites, healthy drinks

Brand Participation Rates*

Early-Bird Brand Partner | 10% off selected tier (Ends December 31)

Sustainer | $20,000

Innovator | $15,000

Pioneer | $10,000

Ambassador | $5,000

A la Carte | varies

*Participation rates are based on one person attending per company. An additional fee is required for multiple attendees and ranges from $50 to $2000 dependent on event type.

Brand Registration


Attendee / Buyer Application


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Frequently asked questions

What are my options to participate as a Brand?

We offer 4 tiers of participation – Innovator, Pioneer, Ambassador, and A la carte. We also offer a Platinum Partnership that features all benefits of the Innovator tier, plus additional marketing and media benefits.

What are the costs associated with each of these levels?

There are many benefits to participating in GSN Connect events.
• Platinum Partnership includes Innovator benefits with additional marketing and media coverage for $20,000.

• Innovator includes display at 8 events for $15,000
• Pioneer includes display at 5 events for $10,000
• Ambassador includes display at 3  events for $5000
• A la carte is priced per event, beginning at $200 to attend for networking opportunities to $1800 to present your    brand, with additional add-on options such as gifting and advertising.

Are there any additional fees outside of choosing a sponsorship level?

Package prices are based on one person attending per company. Additional attendee fees range from $50 to $2000, depending on the type of event.

Each brand is responsible for their own transportation, lodging, and shipping. Not all events will include a meal, but most will offer healthy breakfast options in the mornings or light snacks/bites in the evening.

How does a brand choose which events they would like to attend?

After signing a contract for the desired level of participation, Brands choose what events/locations they would like to participate in.

How is booth space determined?

Space is fairly democratic – in the sense that the typical set up is around the perimeter of a room. 

What is the max number of brands for each event?


What percentage of attendees write orders on the spot?

5-10%. We have created an incentive to encourage orders within the first two weeks of the event. Non-member attendees will pay $50. We will offer a 1- year GSN membership for $299 to attendees who write minimum opening orders on site or within two weeks of the event. GSN members attend for no fee. 

Are the attendees vetted? How?

GSN members are invited as well as the community where we are hosting events. With our mission to connect and communicate our message, our goal is to reach out to spa professionals in these areas to grow our network. 

Are the brands provided with a list of attendees prior to the event? 


What other information about the attendees is provided?

Contact information

Is there a uniform model/format for the events?

Our events do not follow the same model each and every time as we like to take advantage of the special opportunities that each location offers. Each event will include a group introduction, showcase preview, brand pitches and meetings, group activity, and structured group discussions. Some examples of group activities are blending custom aromas, cacao ceremonies, stretching, or property tours. There will be time for set-up before the start of each event, with the opportunity to set up the night before for most morning events. 

What sets a GSN Connect event apart from other events?

GSN Connect events prioritize community, connection, and relationships. We believe a higher number of smaller events has both financial and geographical advantages, including increased brand visibility and exposure to a more diverse range of attendees and locations.

In what type of venue are the events hosted?

Event space will vary primarily based on location. We explore various options, including spas, hotels, restaurants, and dedicated event spaces. 

Are brands ever represented at an event without a brand representative present?

Yes – showcase, gifting, or hybrid.



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