Join the GSN Planet Movement

GSN members are individuals in action, creating a positive impact on ourselves and the planet. We seek out solutions for reducing our carbon footprint and increasing our personal wellbeing, while inspiring our employees and customers to do the same. We believe that spas and sustainability are connected through the pursuit of vitality, that the spa and wellness industry is a catalyst for positive change because of our support of the connection between personal and planetary wellness.

We want to connect, collaborate, and create a more sustainable future. We apply sustainability information and tools to improve ourselves and our businesses. We believe that what matters most is not what we have done up to this point, but what we will do now. Together, we cause positive change.

We are just like you! Join our community by becoming a member today.


“What we are really about here, whether it’s through the products we are creating or the services we are offering in our spas, it’s about lifestyle change. It’s about raising consciousness. It’s the WHY we are in the industry. It’s our higher calling.”

Michael Stusser, Founding Board Member, Green Spa Network


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