Community Support Series / Reopening Open Discussion

We believe staying connected as a community and sharing ideas are vital to building a brighter future together. GSN has created a new webinar series called Community Support as a hub for spas, hotels, and other wellness businesses to share ideas and best practices on the recent effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. In this webinar, guests from the wellness and fitness community discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting their businesses and industry and what their strategies are as we move toward reopening the economy.

In this webinar, led by GSN Executive Director Joanna Roche, Spa Expert Sam Cooper (Canyon Ranch), and Brand Expert Adar Venyige (VB Cosmetics/Dazzle Dry) led an open discussion on spa and brand reopening strategies across the country. This webinar was held as an open meeting for the GSN community to weigh in with their opinions, experience, and questions.



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