Esalen Healing Arts Series / Somatic Intelligence: Grounding and Centering in Times of Uncertainty

Esalen Healing Arts is introducing a selection of its faculty and partners to present to the GSN Planet community. This is a conversational and thought provoking webinar series to stimulate and raise awareness amongst our ever changing wellness landscape.

Ever changing times and events are amplifying the experience of anxiety, impermanence, and disconnection. To know and feel our organism’s authentic capacity to be resilient and responsive asks us to be courageously vulnerable and cultivate curiosity.

In this webinar, Steven Harper guides us to explore time-honored grounding and centering practices to embody our inherent belonging to ourselves, others, and the non-human world. Life conspires to illuminate our interconnectedness in the midst of the unknowable.


Douglas Drummond
Director of Healing Arts + Somatics
Esalen Institute

Steven Harper

Featured Image Credit: Doug Ellis


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