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This Earth Day, do your part in supporting a healthier planet with your commitment to GSN, a planet-focused non-profit. GSN events and initiatives ensure that spa and wellness professionals are becoming greener by the day through better practices, more quality products and less waste.

Who is GSN? GSN provides events, content, and tools to help spas and facilities improve their sustainability footprint, a little bit at a time. We promote the fundamental connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. GSN Planet sustains a community of individuals and organizations who take action to adopt practices that support a triple bottom line that is financially viable, socially responsible, and ecologically regenerative.

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About HAIA

haia is truly happy as I am. A natural organic skin care system for every stage of your life powered by the science of belonging.


About OM4MEN

OM4 Organic Male is the first skin type and condition-specific professional men’s line to launch in the US. On the leading edge of performance-based, green science organics, OM4 globally sources clinically-advanced, socially-responsible ingredients to target the unique biological skin differences and concerns of men. The brand mantra: 4 PRODUCTS | 4 STEPS | 4 MINUTES | 4 MEN. Color coded by skin type with each step numbered, OM4 is intuitively designed to be fast, easy and effective. OM4’s core business is to help partners: (1) grasp the psychology of selling to men, and (2) capture a greater percentage of the fastest growing market in spa.

Universal Companies

About Universal Companies

Sustayne offers lower-impact toiletries that feature kraft paper and bio-based packaging, made with plant materials such as bamboo, wheat straw, and cornstarch. All products are produced in an ISO- and GMP-certified facility. Sustayne practices ethical social and sustainable supply chain management (SEDEX).

We want future generations to enjoy the wonder and beauty of nature, too. Universal Companies is committed to inspiring and empowering its employees, customers, and vendors to exhibit leadership and implement eco-friendly practices. From offering green friendly options for spas to conserving natural resources, we constantly look for ways to weave sustainability into our day-to-day operations. We know we have a long way to go, but each day presents a new opportunity.


About HiBAR

HiBAR’s mission is to help remove single-use plastic from everyday life.
To do so, we’re designing and formulating personal care and beauty products that perform at the highest level – just as effective, clean, and beautiful as their plastic-packaged incumbents. When we launched in 2018, HiBAR became the world’s first salon-quality plastic-free hair care brand and have expanded product lines to include a line of amino acid based facial cleansers, and a line of natural deodorants in paper push up applicators. HIBAR remains category disruptors and leaders. HiBAR has eliminated over 5.5M bottles from existing and saved over 1.25M gallons of water from the production process. HiBAR is a leading voice in sustainability and a brand leader in solid (anhydrous) formulations.

HiBAR is a mission based company inspiring the removal of single use plastic from everyday lives. We are reformulating beauty and personal care products without the need for a plastic product. Our innovative solid formulations deliver incredible effectiveness in recyclable packaging. HIBAR has eliminated over 5M plastic bottles from existing and inspired a solid revolution in hair care.

Resist Nutrition

About Resist Nutrition

Almost half of Americans need to watch their sugars. Resist is a women-owned certified, gen-z brand on a mission to make blood sugar balance cool, easy, & delicious through doctor-recommended vegan nutrition bars with a clinically-backed stable blood sugar response.

Our bars are plant-based and our packaging is free of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, like BPA & phthalates! We also offer our customers to donate 1% of their order to a cause, including Surfline.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare

About Honua

KAPUA’S PASSION FOR SKINCARE Kapua Browning founded Honua Hawaiian Skincare in 2015, when the demand for her Hawaiian crafted products grew beyond her treatment room. Born and raised on O‘ahu as an avid surfer and beach girl, Kapua began to notice sun damage and pigmentation in her own complexion as early as her 20’s. In an attempt to take care of her skin, she became passionate about beauty and began to train in aesthetics and learn about traditional Hawaiian healing and medicinal herbs. After a decade of experience as a licensed esthetician, and extended training in herbalism and product development, Browning began the building blocks for her own hand-crafted skincare collection, Honua Skincare.

Le Prunier

About Le Prunier

Jacqueline, Allison, and Elaine Taylor co-founded Le Prunier, an innovative and organic beauty line based on the Power of the Plum. The brand utilizes organic plum byproducts that have been grown, harvested and cold-pressed on their 4th generation family farm in Northern California.

We’ve committed ourselves to eliminating waste by discovering innovative and sustainable plum-based ingredients using byproducts from our 100-year-old organic family farm. We use 100% upcycled plum kernels, which were previously a waste byproduct on the family farm.  Plumbody™ is powered by our signature ingredient Midnight Muir®, a rare patented plum extract rich in Vitamins A, C, & E, and Niacin (B3), inspired by the Muir Beauty plum varietal on our family farm. Midnight Muir® is exclusive to Le Prunier and works to help visibly decrease redness, dryness, and flakiness while fighting free radicals and improving skin elasticity.


About OSEA

For over 27 years, we’ve been on a mission to create clean, seaweed-infused skincare that respects the natural world and makes skin look and feel its absolute best. In 1996, we set a new industry standard by prioritizing naturally-derived ingredients, chosen for their safety, efficacy and backed by the latest scientific research. Today it’s called clean beauty, but in our family, it is what it has always been: a simple idea that the ocean should be part of everyone’s life—and the conviction that it already is.  The ocean is our deepest inspiration. We use seaweed because it’s a superfood rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The benefits of seaweed are endless. Different species of seaweed can provide a myriad of results, including anti-aging and moisturization. Our seaweeds are sourced from around the world, based on scientific data.

Ambre Blends

About Ambre Blends

Ambre Blends is an independent, women-owned business, in Indianapolis, Indiana, which has been producing high-quality, organic body products since 2001. Ambre Blends products are available in six delicate, all-natural, plant-based scents which are worn by both women and men.

Here at Ambre Blends, we are dedicated to being a green business. Not only does it create a healthy environment for our employees and customers, but it helps lead the way for social change. We have a bottle-free water cooler, participate in our cities Green Power initiative – 100% of our electricity is from renewable energy sources, such as Indiana wind farms. Our building uses LED lighting along with light timers and occupancy sensors to reduce electrical usage. All of our marketing materials are printed on FSC certified paper, our fill paper is 100% recycled , and all of our packaging is curbside recyclable, biodegradable renewable. We recycle on a 5 to 1 basis, recycle amount vs actual bags of trash. In addition, we also recycle and reuse all packaging materials sent to us.

ROAM Homegrown

In the Box

Lavender Driftwood Luxe Cream Soy Candle $28
Hand poured soy candle in glass vessel with notes of fresh lavender, cedar, amber and marine. 65 hour burn time.

About ROAM Homegrown

ROAM Homegrown candles are artisan-crafted in small batches with natural soy wax and authentic fragrances for candles that burn beautifully and fill your space with clean, natural scents.


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About Sonrei

We are a suncare-first skincare brand that’s majority-owned by minority women! For years we have dealt with the frustrations of the lack of skin care products that fit our needs so we decided to do it ourselves. We are committed to creating inclusive products for all skin tones, types, and pigments. We are . . .CRAFTED FOR EVERY KIND™


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