Our Mission

The mission of GSN Planet is to promote the fundamental connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and the health of our planet. GSN supports a community of individuals and organizations who take action to adopt practices that support a triple bottom line that is financially viable, socially responsible and ecologically regenerative. Our existence allows for our network to enhance human awakening to support ecological balance and create economic vitality. We believe that our actions create a ripple effect throughout our communities, and we can create a positive impact by building a community of engaged and aware members.


GSN Planet is a nonprofit trade association that provides education, resources and gatherings for the spa and wellness industry. By creating a vital community and inspiring spa and wellness companies to take action, we are creating a more sustainable future with its members. GSN believes the spa and wellness industry has a unique opportunity to make a substantial positive impact by adapting practices that support the environmental and human resources necessary to provide its services, products, and experiences. Our work goes beyond the direct impact we can make as an industry – we are also ambassadors for a vital planet and vital people to the millions of spa visitors we come into contact with every day.


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