Esalen Healing Arts Series / The Healing Magic of Meditation

Esalen Healing Arts has created this webinar series to introduce a selection of its faculty and partners to present to the GSN Planet community. This is a conversational and thought provoking webinar series to stimulate and raise awareness amongst our ever changing wellness landscape.

We all know what stress is. We know that a little bit of it is exciting, our hearts race and our senses are electrified. And we know continued stress is exhausting and leads to mistakes and health problems. Our bodies have a built-in instinct that is the mirror opposite of the stress response. We can activate it through meditation. Research shows that even beginners at meditation can enter a state of rest and relaxation deeper than sleep in minutes. Meditation is a quick vacation.

In this session, featuring special guest Dr. Lorin Roche, explores some of the insights developed at Esalen over the past 50 years that help make meditation accessible to the modern world.


Douglas Drummond
Director of Healing Arts + Somatics
Esalen Institute

Dr. Loran Roche
Author, The Radiance Sutras

Featured Image Credit: Doug Ellis


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