The Revitalization Series with Hutchinson Consulting

Webinar #2

REFRESH : Updating your brand + marketing focus


  • THE LENS | Looking at your company’s unique selling points through 2021 Eyes
  • TARGET | Understand your customer’s new motivations + developing compelling key message points to attract them
  • FOCUS | Update your brand look + feel to match your new objectives

GSN Planet and Hutchinson Consulting have teamed up to help you and your teams get back to business in the new Revitalization Series. Navigating the post-COVID wellness and hospitality world requires a fresh focus and a new lens, and we’re here to help. This four-part series will address important topics that will help you survive and thrive, including branding, programming, operations, sales, and more. It’s a new world—let us guide you to a successful destination.


Carol Stratford
Hutchinson Consulting

Don’t miss the remaining webinars in this 4-part series!

  • Webinar #3 REORGANIZE – October 20, 2020 at 3pm ET Register
  • Webinar #4 REBOOT – November 3, 2020 at 3pm ET Register



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