Esalen Healing Arts Series / Spiritual Fertility: Post-Traumatic Growth and Healing + How It Relates to the Planet

Esalen Healing Arts is introducing a selection of its faculty and partners to present to the GSN Planet community. This is a conversational and thought provoking webinar series to stimulate and raise awareness amongst our ever changing wellness landscape.

There is no better place to witness the intersection between individual trauma and collective trauma than in fertility, sex and reproduction. When the very sustainability of the Earth depends on its habitation by conscious and healthy humans, our unique paths through fertility directly impact the collective. One person’s inability to conceive is reflective of a greater universal imbalance, and one person’s healing within fertility radically impacts the future. In this webinar, Dr. Julie Von explains it all.


Douglas Drummond
Director of Healing Arts + Somatics
Esalen Institute

Dr. Julie Von
Spiritual Fertility

Featured Image Credit: Doug Ellis


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