Online Marketing for Spas

Webinar Series with Universal Companies

Consumers are shopping online, now more than ever. Visibility is crucial to your business. Created especially for spas, this limited series reveals the web tools available to increase your virtual presence. In each of the 6 episodes, you’ll learn simple steps to help you inform current–and prospective–clients about what your spa offers. Best of all, it’s totally doable. . .and you may even think it’s fun!

Episode #2 // Attracting Clients with Your Spa’s Website

If you don’t have a website, or you do and want to improve it, make time for this webinar. Consumers are online 24-7, and a good website makes it easier for them to find you. Essential elements such as information about your spa, available treatments and products, and tools that inspire engagement are key. Tune in for easily digestible tips and the opportunity to ask questions.

Hosting this webinar is Camille Tillman, VP Marketing, Universal Companies, and 30-year veteran of the ecommerce and online marketing industry.


Peter Plishka
Director of Customer Relations
Universal Companies

Camille Tillman
VP Marketing
Universal Companies


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