Spas are a part of their community. They bring people together, make them feel good and healthy, and enrich the quality of life both directly and indirectly for community citizens. Staying connected to the community is an essential piece of running a sustainable and successful spa. There are many ways to connect to a community, and while several are outlined here, the spa staff and leadership should always strive to find new creative opportunities, as it will likely result in enhanced reputation, quality, and new business.


Honoring Sustainable Cultures

Most destination spas are known for honoring and celebrating their local culture. It is natural to blend services, interior design, food, product choices, and other aspects into the “sense of place.” From the Southwest to tropical locations, spas can showcase their local heritage, history and customs. Connecting with the local community helps keep tradition alive and is also great for marketing and branding a spa’s unique image.


Highlighting Local Culture

A sense of place speaks to people. Using local treatments focused on the place, or geographic location, is a popular practice. By promoting the local flavor, the region is highlighted and respected. For example, in the Southwest, the Indian spiritual culture and plant ingredients are used in a number of spas. In Hawaii, the Island culture and tropical plants are used in designing treatments. Using local ingredients such as clays and herbs found in different regions supports the local economy. Going local also cuts down on shipping costs and fuel. Additionally, buying from local vendors keeps more dollars circulating back into the community. Honoring the local culture and tradition creates interest and distinguishes the unique features of your spa.

There is a local, regional focus on using products and food from local suppliers indigenous to the region. A spa’s unique place and culture should be shared. Facility design and décor based on local flavors feels like the salon belongs there. Serving local food and bringing in a connection with the natural environment makes sense for the ultimate guest experience. It also supports the local economy and saves resources by cutting down transportation needs.



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