For everyone, including bodyworkers, yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, and anyone interested in raising their personal level of consciousness.

Your happiness might be the highest form of ecological stewardship and service to humanity. This one-of-a-kind program brings together a top team of wellness experts whose teachings will inspire both your self-care and your earth care.


Through a blend of lecture, yoga, emotional release work, breathwork, aromatherapy, and hands-on adjustments with live music, movement, and meditation, this program explores

  • Emotional intelligence as a tool for improving your self-care
  • Hemp, CBD, sustainability, and the future of this interesting plant
  • What green beauty really means, why you might be more interested in blue beauty, and how what you choose on the shelf affects not only your skin but also the planet
  • The impact Standard American Diet has on mood, metabolism, hormones, happiness, libido, connection, creativity, and brain function.

Come retrain your brain to approach all aspects of life with greater harmony, and return home as your own best healer, advocate, and administrator.

Note Dress comfortably in yoga/movement attire and bring a journal to all sessions.


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