If I register for the Buyers Conference in October 2022, do I get a discount?

Yes! You receive 50% off the registration price if you are registered for the October 2022 in-person conference.

As a Supplier, how long is my meeting time with the Buyers?

Each Supplier receives (1) 20-minute meeting with 30 Buyers at one time. No other Supplier is allowed on the call during your presentation.

Will Buyers receive gifts from Suppliers?

Yes, Buyers will receive gifts from participating Suppliers the week following the conference. Gifting products/services to Buyers is optional.

Which program are you using for the virtual Conference?

We will be using Zoom for all presentations and workshops. Learn more about the platform by visiting their Help Center here.

How can I attend as a Buyer?

Please fill out an application to attend as a Buyer using the following form.



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