Half-day format

*Please note that each event is designated as either a morning or evening session, not both.

Grassroots:   A morning event that begins at 8/9am and finishes at 12/1pm
8:00am – Arrival | Showcase Wander
8:30am – Group Introduction
9:00am – Brand Elevator Pitch | Showcase Structure
10:30am – Group Activity
11:30am – Group Discussion
12:00pm -Farewell
Food: Coffee and healthy portable food options available (Breakfast sandwich, fruit yogurt parfaits, coffee/tea)


After Hours:  An evening event that begins at 4/5pm and finishes at 8/9pm
4:00pm – Arrival | Showcase Wander
4:30pm – Group Intro | Brand Elevator Pitch
5:00pm – Small Group Discussion (Structured)
6:30pm – Showcase Structure
7:30pm – Group Activity
8:00pm – Farewell
Food: Light bites, healthy drinks


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