GSN Planet has chosen to partner with the WeForest organization because of the science-based methodology used to support the ground operations and the survival of the trees. Because we share a passion for preserving the planet and the people on it, we are excited to be working with this wonderful organization for our Tree Planting Initiative.

WeForest’s mission is to leverage corporate and scientific partnerships and empower communities to sustainably advance and implement innovative, high-standard, scalable, and lasting solutions to restore forest landscapes. Read more about WeForest here and how they are using science to guide their planting trees where they will do the most good.


WeForest’s Brazil Project

Focusing on Ecological Development and Livelihood Development

Donations collected through our initiative will contribute to WeForest’s Brazil project to support the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Restoring the forest is extremely vital to safeguard the remaining biodiversity and combat the progressive loss of the world’s species and for our climate as well. The high carbon sequestration potential of second-growth forests in the Latin American tropics means the Atlantic Forest is a key player in the climate change agenda. This project aims to create forest corridors between remaining fragments, increasing tree cover and habitat connectivity for native species. The community-based nurseries, seed collection, and planting activities are under the management of local people who, thanks to this project, are empowered to earn a living while restoring the forest.



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