In 2008, GSN hosted its first congress. facilitated by author and sustainability professor Darcy Hitchcock, in Atlanta, GA. A curated group of spa professionals worked for 3 days with Darcy to create tools to advance sustainable practices in every element of a spa business.(Horst had nothing to do with this gathering). GSN Congress has since become a fixture in the landscape of spa industry events, known for building deep community connections, delivering inspirational learning and inviting a highly interactive co creative process to bring forth earth friendly practices in Spas.

Congress has been held at well-known environmentally friendly resorts, such as Rancho La Puerta, Westin Riverfront Resort, Sundance Resort, and Devil’s Thumb Ranch. GSN has also hosted visionary leaders in environment and social responsibility, such as environmentalist and green entrepreneur Paul Hawken, hospitality visionary Chip Conley, inspirational leader Jean Houston, global sustainability thought leader Simon Robinson, and world leader in sustainable design practice, David Oakey.


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