“Green cleaning is the use of cleaning products and practices that have lower environmental impacts and more positive indoor air quality impacts than conventional products and practices.”

Cleaning is broken down into several broad categories that can and should be addressed by all spas: Equipment, Education, Products, and Procedures. All play a role in ensuring health and safety today while also providing opportunities to evolve and improve as technologies and research continue to develop.

Guest and employee productivity and health are affected by material choices and building design. If the staff are not comfortable, they cannot concentrate on their jobs. If the employees are not comfortable, they cannot relax get the most out of their treatments. Working in a place that is beautiful and healthy leads to increased productivity and satisfaction. This leads to a more stable, sustainable, and profitable business.

Cleaning products are a major focus of spa purchasing that affects indoor air quality (IAQ). One thing difficult to get away from in the spa industry is the use of disinfectants for proper decontamination procedures. Make sure proper products and procedures are used in cleaning and disinfecting the facility, equipment, and tools before supplementing them with healthier cleaning products. Purchasing green cleaning products can often be managed without a cost premium. Vendors more frequently offer non-toxic alternatives, and your spa’s purchasing power is an asset in convincing them to do so, if they do not already.

Equipment and product purchases can be leveraged to promote suppliers that adopt green products and policies. To that point, establishing a spa’s own cleaning standards that consider sustainable practices and educate staff and customers alike can be a low-cost measure that has incredible impact related to both cost and conscious consumerism.



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