What will be your pinky promise?

The GSN Foundation and Dazzle Dry have proudly teamed up this Earth Day 2021 to introduce the ‘Promise To The Planet’.

We are calling on members of the beauty and wellness industries, together with consumers, to join forces in solidarity by painting your nails green and blue, snapping and sharing your one promise to the planet and painted nails across social media with the hashtag, #promisetotheplanet, in response to the urgent need to help combat climate change.

How to Participate

Suggestions for a promise to the planet you can make and share on social media include, but are not limited to:

  • composting
  • eating less meat
  • using reusable bags
  • shortening showers
  • recycling / precycling
  • shopping vintage, secondhand
  • eliminating plastic water bottles
  • using reusable PPE as much as possible
  • walking, biking, carpooling or taking transit instead of driving alone
  • choosing clean beauty brands / green ingredients and less packaging
  • buying in bulk and refilling containers to cut down on packaging waste
  • planting trees in your yard or donating towards tree planting via the GSN Tree Planting Initiative

We can’t wait to see your painted nails for the planet!

Thanks for joining in this joint campaign to spread the message of environmental action. Please don’t forget to share this message with friends, family, colleagues, industry leaders.

To plant trees as part of GSN Foundation’s Tree Planting Initiative, visit gsnplanet.org/act/gsnplantstrees.

“We’re honored to partner with GSN Foundation on this social media campaign for Earth Day. I know we share a collective core mission for wanting to create sustainable and impactful practices for both the well-being of the industry and consumers that will allow us to continue to have fun and enjoy our beautiful planet together.”

Dr. Vivian Valenty, Founder of Dazzle Dry


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