Kenzie Vath has a passion for a full plate and enjoys innovating new ideas to disrupt the status quo. Kenzie is a serial entrepreneur starting a company at the age of 19. Her personal battle with Lyme Disease led her to get self-educated in Holistic Medicine. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s from Purdue University and going on to receive her coaching certification from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, based in New York City. 

Kenzie is currently the Director of Wellness and Sustainability for Pacific Hospitality Group; a family owned management company located in Irvine CA. In addition, she is the founder of Holistic Umbrella; a wellness-based lifestyle company providing one-on-one coaching and curated wellness events while being ‘real on her social reels’.   

The implementation of a water program at the corporate office has eliminated the waste of 100,000’s of plastic bottles into our oceans. Creating a wellness series has improved work productivity, employee retention and healthier work life balance for the team. Alternative and more sustainable menu options have serviced hundreds of specific dietary eaters from around the world. Offering options from gluten free to vegan, keto and beyond. Kenzie’s wellness retreats have created value and generated non-traditional revenue for their local California properties. Five-star reviews across the board!


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