Chief Wellbeing Officer

Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts
September 6, 2020
Puebla, Mexico
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+52 1 777 103 5399


Job Functions:    Executive Position, Supervises all aspects of a new Signature Wellness Program in an Urban Property in Mexico.  Responsible for program content develoment, guest interface and guest satisfaction, and operational implementation.

Human Resource Management:

  • Manage and oversees the Signature Wellness Programming and Wellness Departments and all they entail.
  • Oversees the staff of Wellness professionals and coaches, ensures the training of the Signature Wellness Programming and wellness staff to exceed standards. Ability to work with vendor trainers to achieve the best possible learning environments for Wellness staff.
  • Works with and effectively supervises health professionals such as: indigenous healers, nutritionists, herbalist, acupuncturist, counselor, yoga/pilates and fitness instructors, exercise physiologists and other wellness contractors, staff as appropriate for events, retreats or on an appointment basis.
  • The ability to maintain operating innovative wellness concept criteria / concepts and be responsible for the coordination and scheduling of all Wellness Programming related services in relation to consistency with policies, philosophy and objectives for the Programming and Fitness.
  • The ability to interview and select job applicants as well as effectively supervise, discipline, mentor and give performance evaluations for employees, proactively recruit new talent and resources.
  • The ability to participate in regular staff meetings to keep Signature Wellness Programming employees informed of  property policies and changes as well as ways to increase sales and service.
  • The ability to communicate with other departments to ensure a supporting team of professionals
  • The ability to communicate on all levels with staff, colleagues and management.
  • The ability to convey clear instructions and guidance to staff and establish working relationships that attain a high level of effective employee morale.
  • The ability to develop and enhance programs and policies to ensure the property is an employer of choice and retention of high performers and high potential Managers.
  • Responsible to create and uphold Signature Wellness Programming and  standards and work with all guest service staff (i.e. reception, reservations, attendants) to ensure that guest standards are met and exceeded.
  • Must be willing to assist with other departments and have ability to serve as MOD.
  • Proactively schedule and conduct staff new-hire and on-going training programs.
  • Manage personnel under own supervision including guiding, directing, developing, training, counselling, disciplining, and evaluating.
  • Manage review of property and program KPIs
  • Train Guest Service Associates in proper sales techniques and knowledge to maximize sales and profitability in order to meet and exceed budgetary goals.
  • Working knowledge of National Labor Laws and Rules of Procedure
  • Responsible for ensuring accuracy and compliance with all payroll, commissions and payment of tips according to internal guidelines.


Operations Management:

  • Responsible for all day to day management of the Signature Wellness Programming and fitness
  • Responsible for the ongoing day to day management of guest needs, issues and or complaints.
  • Responsible to work closely with engineering to maintain quality and mechanical operation of all Wellness equipment, materials and fitness equipment. Ensures all equipment is kept in perfect working condition and reports any deficiencies to the proper department.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the Wellness areas and Fitness facilities and coordinate special requirements with Housekeeping, Laundry, and Engineering as appropriate.
  • Responsible for retail; product selection, marketing strategies, menu of services, financial management, training and development of new trends and techniques.
  • Responsible for ongoing creation and management of destination Wellness  Programming  and wellness programs and packages such as yoga and meditation plus general wellness education.
  • Expected to uphold and implement socially responsible relationships / activities within the local community
  • Responsible for managing all multi day destination Wellness Packaging.
  • The ability to understand and implement emergency response procedures and respond properly in any hotel / Programming emergency to assure staff and guest safety.
  • Responsible for the integration of Programming with the Hotel operations wherever possible and in accordance with Wellness trends.
  • Excellent competency in all computer systems relevant to the departments.
  • Responsible for maintaining appropriate levels of inventory for all products, materials and supplies and assure appropriate access of them to staff.
  • Responsible to be certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and first aid and also assure sufficient number of certified  Wellness Programming and fitness staff is on premise at all times.
  • The ability to develop new treatments/concepts to continually keep the Wellness Programming and fitness at the forefront of the industry.
  • The ability to perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and staff.
  • The ability to keep General Manager informed about the departments, all employees' performance, and guests concerns and comments.
  • Collaborate with the Executive Chef to identify needs and opportunities for the Guests’ nutritional and wellness experience.
  • Responsible to be a role model as  Wellness ambassador in all activities that the hotel does to promote the experience


  • The ability to predict trends and implement for the good of the business.
  • Effectively work with Sales and Marketing Department on external and internal promotions (print, digital and social media) of Signature Wellness Programming to assure monthly budget is met.
  • The ability to liaise with the Public Relations Department in order to promote the Signature Wellness Programming and all relevant treatments/philosophies/ events.



  • The ability to create, maintain and adhere to annual operating budget, capital investment budget, operating planning and further periodic evaluations of financial performance, including reports on forecasting and sales and operations with supporting statistical data.
  • The ability to promote growth through increasing revenue and daily operational efficiency while maintaining healthy staff morale.
  • The ability to schedule staff and complete payroll records and reports in accordance with budgeted guidelines.
  • Responsible for the administration of goods, requisitions, inventories, storage and cost effective usage of all department related materials and assets, according to standards to ensure a smooth operation.
  • Responsible for the maintaining the interests of shareholders

Skills and Requirements

Qualification Requirements:
• Excellent reading, writing and oral proficiency in English and Spanish languages
• Minimum 3 years management experience in a luxury Spa and Programming (resort Spa/destination Spa or Wellness Center preferred or luxury market day Spa )
• Consistently exceeds expectations in Executive Thought Leadership
• High peer credibility
• Demonstrates cutting-edge knowledge/superior knowledge of Wellness Programming, wellness modalities, experience with Medical Wellness and Programming or with Integrative Medicine preferred. These should include basic knowledge about the Microbiome, Metabolics, neuroscience, epigenetics, and some of the newer scientific discoveries as well as global Wellness trends.
• Has been trained in an Integrative Wellness approach and/or Integral Theory or knowledge of “Root-cause” or Functional Medicine/Wellness
• Knowledge of psychological stage development theory
• Personal Development / wellbeing practices in transpersonal Wellness programming
• Understands and has experience building programming that is chronic disease preventative care.
• Well versed and familiar with the Complementary Medical systems and Wisdom Healing Traditions such as Ayurveda, TCM etc.
• Thorough knowledge of 5-star service standards and guest satisfaction
• Effective application of Wellness Programming and fitness staffing models, proven ability to create and implement Wellness programming and service menus
• Effective retail management and successful marketing strategies
• Demonstrated ability to project costs, revenue and to adhere to the budget that supports monthly / annual financials
• Previous experience preferred as a hands-on therapist such as massage therapist, yoga instructor, acupuncture or other client based therapeutic practice, but not mandatory


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