Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for work this holiday season, consider traveling greener. Sustainable travel (ecotourism) is all about trying to make smarter choices that help to mitigate the negative impacts we create when we travel.






So what steps can we take to travel greener?

As defined by the International Ecotourism Society, ecotourism refers to “responsible travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”. The idea is to focus on uniting conservation, communities and sustainable development through the means of travel.

Keeping this in mind when booking a holiday getaway can make it all that more exciting. You’re able to immerse yourself in the culture and leave a positive impact. Here are some practical steps you can take when planning your travels.



10 Tips to Traveling Greener​

  1. Fly Environmentally Friendly Airlines
  2. Book Non-Stop Flights
  3. Consider Trains Over Planes
  4. Use Public Transportation
  5. Stay in Eco-Friendly Hotels
  6. Opt Out of Hotel Housekeeping
  7. Eat Locally Sourced Food
  8. Try Going Vegan
  9. Support Local Businesses
  10. Bring BPA-free refillable water bottles



​Individually, each one of these choices makes a small difference in the big picture. But collectively, becoming more conscious about traveling sustainably can have a huge cumulative impact.

Safe Travels!


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